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FIFA is dedicated to the beautiful game and its development in every corner of the world. We are everyone from tournament organisers to football developers, from governance experts to commercial managers.

The FIFA team is diverse, fast, and ambitious. We are inspired by the beautiful game and we won’t rest until we have made football truly global – for every single person who wants to watch it, play it, and live it.

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FIFA’s Vision

Make Football truly global, diverse and inclusive, for the benefit of the entire world.

Football is so much more than a game. It’s a force for good that breaks down barriers and unites the world.

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Health is more important than football. That’s why FIFA and WHO team up and advocate for healthy lifestyles through football.


Children who play football are more likely to stay active in life. Through the popularity of football, we teach and promote essential values and life skills.


FIFA is determined to offer equal opportunities to all people without regard to gender, ethnic, racial or social origin, colour, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability or any other reason. We have realised significant improvements in recent years, but we know that we can still do better.


FIFA invests nearly USD 600 million every year in new pitches and football facilities all around the world, including in many developing countries. For the benefit of our youth.

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